agave alley ultramarine bottle
F r a n ç a i s  |  E s p a ñ o l  |  D e u t s c h                                                             U L T R A M A R I N E   c o n t a c t
100% agave

The Ultramarine mezcal, a Mexican traditional drink, is produced by distilling “mezcalero” agave grown in the State of Oaxaca.

Earthen oven baking

Harvested when the plant is from 7 to 10 years old, the agave hearts are

baked in an earthen oven, then crushed, let to ferment and distilled.

Guarantee of origin
Oaxaca, Mexico

After standing in oak casks for several months, the Ultramarine mezcal is bottled in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Bottling in the state of origin is mandatory for all the mezcals. No bulk export. As of summer 2005, the State of Mexico controls the quality of mezcals. All bottles of Ultramarine mezcal include, at present, a worm ("guzano", in spanish).

Produced following these three fundamental principles,
the 100% agave Ultramarine mezcal is an authentical mezcal of Oaxaca.

(Agave Goddess)

In a Shaker
3/10 ULTRAMARINE 100% agave
2/10 coffee liqueur
3/10 pineapple juice
2/10 barley water

Decorate by topping the froth
with a coffee bean